Healing Blocks

Inevitably, at some point in our healing journey we will come across something that will make us want to turn around. Like a huge boulder in the path, it feels impossible to move. 

This is what we refer to as a block. In Chinese Medicine, we call it stagnation. It can feel so huge that it can feel impossible to work through. This is the point where we like to settle, give up and turn around, or find another way through instead of confronting the block. 

Avoiding the block can work, for awhile. But there is always something we are giving up in doing so. The blocks are on our paths to healing, so there must be something pretty important on the other side. What is on the other side?

Are you curious to discover what has been waiting for you?

Are you willing to put in the work to find a way through the block? Are you willing to feel whatever is stopping you from encountering this block? Are you willing to be brave?

And speaking of being brave, sometimes acupuncture needles can have intense sensations. Have you ever felt this? Acupuncture needles work by removing stagnation, or blocks, in the pathways of our bodies. Anything that circulates can get stagnated. And when there is stagnation, it can feel intense to get the circulation flowing again.

Acupuncture can help unblock circulation in all systems of the body, which can help unblock your path. Everything is connected, so if you’re feeling stuck, not just in your body, but in life as well, be willing to confront this block.

You know something great is on the other side, I know you can feel it. So follow that feeling with abandon.