Juicy Path

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Every so often I will ask myself, how did I get here? I do this to figure out if I’m in the right place in my life, especially if I’ve been feeling kind of, well… blah. Blah to me is a feeling that means my juices are not being stimulated. The juicy creative force deep inside that fuels us. And no matter what you’re doing, as long as those juices are flowing, you have endless energy and passion for life.

Sometimes I forget about this and the blah sets in. The blah is often comfortable so I don’t always recognize it. And this is why I make it a practice to check in every once in awhile. Here are the questions I ask myself.

How did I get here?

If my answer is a reason that does not have to do with myself then I know something went wrong along the way. I often choose paths to make others happy or because I’m scared, without even realizing it because it’s so automatic. Most of our childhoods molded us into making decisions based out of fear or to please others. It’s just what happens when we’re looking to be loved.

But these decisions are not always in our best interest.

Are my juices flowing?

Sometimes when I get so spun around on a path it’s difficult to remember the other way I wanted to go. I’m not even sure if my juices are flowing or what I even want to do anymore. I think this is a common feeling for people. However, we can always tap into that place where something is missing if we try.

What fuels me?

Think about something that fuels you. The answer should just be there without thinking about it. You already know what it is. It’s been there since your birth. Even if you think you’re not good enough at it, that is the answer.

Many people love music. It’s juicy for them. It stimulates their creative juices. Music is one of the things that fuels me so often when I am asking myself this question, I turn on music that I love and then really ask myself this question.

Is what I’m doing right now fueling me?

If the feeling does not match with the feeling I get from the music, the answer is no. I have to keep searching for another path, a missed turn that I didn’t notice.

What does my body tell me?

Another way of knowing is by tapping into the feeling of your body. Am I dragging? Do I feel low energy most of the time? Am I constantly getting sick? Is there an illness I’m battling?

These are all signs your juices are not being stimulated. If the thought of something makes me extremely lethargic, I know I may not be on my juicy path.

What do I do now? 

I follow that juiciness, with every fiber in my body. Even if it means a complete deconstruction of my life. It doesn’t have to all happen at once, but just take a step. Fill your life with music and art and projects that make you feel juicy. Close your eyes and let the juiciness swirl around you, make you dizzy. And once you’re dizzy, take the first step towards the juiciness. And then another, and then another. Follow your body as it takes you over.

At some point you will find a turn that feels like home. The turn that you didn’t take last time. This time you will take that turn and the juiciness will take over your life. You will be walking down the path the fuels you and suddenly you don’t care about anything else.

This is your juicy path. Choose it.