Laughter and Healing

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Laughter and healing. Is there something to this? The adage goes, laughter is the best medicine… what does Chinese Medicine have to say about this?

In Chinese Medicine, there are 5 elements that are used as a foundation for the medicine. One of the elements, the fire element, is associated with the heart. The heart has a lot of important functions in Chinese Medicine. One of these functions is housing the “shen”. In simple terms, the shen has a lot to do with our emotional life. Every emotion that passes through our body is said to be a reflection of the shen.

Each element is assigned an emotion, and the fire element’s emotion is joy. Although the heart is fire, and the emotion of the heart is joy, the heart also uniquely is involved with all emotions.

Therefore, I think that laughter can heal all.

I know in my life, the only thing that can get me out of a stuck emotion is laughter. It has been such an important survival tool for me and I am so grateful for those around me that can make me laugh when I can’t get through something really difficult.

Even if I’m mindlessly scrolling through the internet,  when I come across a picture or video that makes me laugh, I know that today is going to be okay.

There really is something to this, so the next time you’re feeling stuck, watch a funny video, look at something that makes you laugh, tell a joke to someone, or just make fun of yourself. Lighten up and laugh.


Photo by Eldkvast on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

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