Pushing Edges

What does healing feel like? I think we have this expectation that on our healing journey everything is supposed to be easy and feel great. Don’t get me wrong, I think most of us understand that healing is process, but we will often complain about how much pain we are in during the healing process. Like, once we decide to get better, aren’t we supposed to just start feeling better right away?

It starts with the positive mindset, of course, but the journey is often…treacherous. It’s not an easy decision to get better. It’s a huge act of strength, courage, perseverance, and will to stay on the healing path. Every single step of the way. You don’t just magically get better. It is a long journey.

Why do you think we like watching movies with a brave hero/ine in them? This is the archetype of us on our own difficult journeys in life. We connect to this hero and we understand what this feels like. If the hero gave up half way through the movie, we would surely be upset. So don’t give up half way on yourself, even though it’s really difficult.

One of the ways you can tell if you’re still on your healing journey is through the pain. Maybe not physical pain, I am using this term loosely. If you feel uncomfortable in your life, if you feel like you’ve hit up against something that terrifies you and makes you want to run away screaming…this could actually be… a good thing.

This means you’ve hit an edge. An edge to what makes you comfortable. An edge to what you think is possible. An edge to yourself. An edge means you’re pushing the boundaries of yourself and that means you’re expanding and growing.

So when you feel like you’re in unknown territory, don’t forget that this is what healing feels like. This is what growth and expansion feels like. Don’t run away from that edge, embrace it and challenge yourself to see what might be on the other side.