Winter Solstice Wellness

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Let’s talk about Winter Solstice Wellness.

The pull of the winter solstice this morning woke me early and so I decided I needed to write about it.

The energetics of this day are intense, and upon researching, there are a ton of articles out there saying “it’s the worst day of the year”. This concerned me, I certainly felt the pull of energy that made me feel anxious and restless. So how do we overcome this?

I did some research on the solstice and thought back to the principles of Chinese medicine. The darkest day of the year must mean it’s the most yin day of the year. And within the most yin aspect lies the seed of the budding yang. It makes sense, this holiday was often named the rebirth of the sun. We are in the darkest time, but we are celebrating the rebirth of the light.

So in response to the “worst day of the year”, I understand there are a lot of energetic shifts occurring, but what we need to focus on is that everything is shifting. And like with any shifts, it may feel uncomfortable, but this is only a temporary feeling, and if we can weather it, we can allow in the birth of the light.

So how do we weather it? Again, back to the principles of the medicine. What should we be doing this time of the year, the most yin time? Instead of running around shopping, going to parties, traveling, and using all of our precious energy, we should be hibernating, nourishing, and reflecting.

I know there’s a lot to get done this time of the year, but don’t forget that we are in opposition to what we should be naturally doing, and as much as we can: rest, eat nourishing foods, and go inward. Be introspective, journal, watch movies, stay warm and cozy, eat nourishing soups treat yourself kindly. (don’t judge yourself too hard when you can’t relax)


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